Hello again, and big news: the machine is finally in motion, the maps are printing!

I am strangely glad that’s out of our control, we can now focus on what else needs to happen to complete the campaign, finger crossed it’s mainly just a matter of holding on a little longer to see how they turned out, and then we shall finally be able to send them out to you all.

Another smaller announcement, for those of you that chose to donate $30 or more, check your inbox, there shall be the “Dilijan Town printable PDF map” waiting for you there shortly.

In other news, besides the ever present support from the Transcaucasian Trail organisations, did we mentioned that The Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) is also a sponsor of the Dilijan topo map?

We are very happy to collaborate with CNF (their logo will also be on our map) because they also strongly care about the unique nature of the Caucasus and are actively working on conserving and expanding protected areas. They’ve also been among the first supporters and contributors of the construction of new trails in Armenia, making this wonderful landscape more accessible for everyone, so all in all it felt like a good fit. If you want to learn more about how CNF invests resources in this part of the world, visit Their website is pretty nice, and the people we worked with are nice too!

Speak to you all soon,


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