Hello dear backers and supporters, it’s been a long time. I hope you are all coping well with the pandemic, and are making the most of this unfortunate situation.

I guess you too might be tired of reading so much COVID-19 related stuff, so I’m taking the opportunity to give you something different. You might have noticed we haven’t been so prolific with our public announcements, and to be honest we should have been, but the good news is that we were nonetheless working all along.

For example, we didn’t really announce it, but all the rewards have been long fulfilled already, so one last time thank you very much for kick-starting our mapping endeavors, and we can now officially move on to the next mapping projects!

A new map is ready

But of course …we had already moved forward. This might come as a surprise to you, but we have produced and already printed a second map!

We haven’t publicly said anything about that because we were waiting for this hiking season to open up for an official launch. But then… well, you know what happened. More about this new map will come up in the following weeks, for now let’s just say it covers a new up-and-coming hiking spot in central Armenia, quite a different landscape from Dilijan National Park, but spectacular in its own rights. Looking forward to telling you more about it!

New products in the making

And that’s not all that has been happening with Cartisan. Even though we don’t expect 2020 to see many people flying to Armenia to come hiking with our maps in hand, we are still making new products to be ready for 2021. Because …fingers crossed that season won’t be also canceled, right?!

A third topo map is currently being made, this one covers the neighborhood of the most famous landmark in stunning southern Armenia: Tatev Monastery and the Vorotan Canyon, an area which is planned to become a National Park in fact. Are you not looking forward to explore the new and newly renovated ancient trails down there as well?

Furthermore, we also have a new kind of product in the making: we call them Map Guides, as in, little booklets that contain both hiking guides as well as all the maps for specific long-distance treks. We are going to maintain a little suspense on these though…

Much to be looking forward to

I know it’s a little bit anticlimactic, considering that basically this hiking season has been canceled, but we’ll keep putting out new maps, hoping that we will all soon be in a position to start exploring our world again at the gentle pace of a nice hike.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, and best regards from our beloved Dilijan National Park!


The Drunken Forest - Dilijan National Park, Armenia
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