Hello supporters, followers and friends. If you were wondering what we’ve been up to since the Dilijan map’s campaign, wonder no more:

Our second brand new topo map, Vayots Dzor Gomk trail network, is finally out! Built by HIKEArmenia, Trails For Change, and Transcaucasian Trail, these wonderful trails are now also officially … on the map!

To launch our latest product, from today (July 16) and until the end of the month the map will be available to pre-order at a special 25% discount.

Vayots Dzor Gomk topo hiking map - central Armenia - Launch
Vayots Dzor Gomk topo hiking map – central Armenia – Launch

But that is not all. We in fact decided that the best way to show you the area was to gather a small team of outgoing nature-buffs to go on a 5-day journey in the area we mapped, so that is exactly what’s going to happen next week!

Why now?

Given that the new map has been completed and produced a long time ago, why haven’t you heard anything about it yet? 2020, that’s why. There haven’t been many opportunities to actually have hiking enthusiasts take it for a spin, and it didn’t feel right to break the news when we were all trying to stay home… but with hiking season upon us, and the lockdown restrictions easing up (temporarily?), we thought, we could make this happen.

Meet the Team

You may recognize some familiar faces, and others may be brand new to you, but for our upcoming 5-day hike, you’ll probably get to know us all a little better. 

Tom (Transcaucasian Trail’s Explorer In Chief in Armenia): I don’t know anybody with more extensive and detailed knowledge of this country, especially its mountains. Maybe it’s because he spent the best part of the last four years exploring the best possible route for the mighty TCT? You can find him on Instagram, and for these couple of weeks, on TCT’s Instagram and Facebook too.

Roffi (Trails For Change): He’s possibly best known for having hiked across the length of Armenia in search of his own roots, becoming a little bit of a TV celebrity in the process? Here he is, on Instagram and Facebook.

Tsovinar (also from Trails for Change): The hard-working trail makers, often on the ground digging and building for everyone else to safely enjoy world-class trails. She’ll be taking photos to give her perspective on the trip, sharing it also to the Armenian speakers among you, as well as telling us all about her love for potatoes and the color yellow. For her updates, follow her on Instagram, and also on TFC’s Facebook and Instagram.

And finally, myself, Alessandro: I make maps, with my friend Simon, but you probably know that. Here’s my Instagram and Cartisan’s Facebook.

We understand that many of you simply do not have the opportunity to come out and join us in person during these trying times, but we hope that maybe for now you can live vicariously through us until the conditions allow you to take this journey yourself.

Alternatively, daydreaming future trips over a map being a favourite pastime of mine, maybe check out our store because from today and until the end of July the newest map will be available to pre-order at a special 25% discount.

And of course, if you happen to be in Armenia, with the appropriate precautions, now might just be a good time to avoid crowded cities and head up to the trails. See you there, starting next Monday!

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Gevorg · 17. July 2020 at 12:06

Hi, I would like to join you, and help you as a volunteer, if I can help you in anyway, I will be so happy to do that.

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