All across Armenia, there is just an abundance of natural potential to go for a hike. But not many places receive the visitors they would deserve. Such relatively untouched beauty is what draws us most to the Vayots Dzor region. It’s ragged, raw and pretty …different from the classic Dilijan hikes, as you will see.

Thanks to the hard work done on creating a world-class network of blazed trails, lead by HIKEArmenia, in collaboration with Trails For Change, and Transcaucasian Trail, there’s really not much left to do but to go out there to enjoy the fruits of that work. Bringing our new Cartisan map to have an overview of the area, and following the signs on the ground, this is as close as it gets to what I remember experiencing in Europe, where both marked trails and topo maps are being taken for granted.

Starting next Monday, follow us (#HikeVayotsDzor. #Cartisan #VDG new #topo #map for #hiking in #Armenia on Instagram and Facebook) as we hike our way to the Martiros Waterfall, challenge ourselves with the Stairway to Heaven trail, and take in the Basalt Arch. We might even get extra adventurous and let you help us to shape our hike as we go!

Our bags have been packed since yesterday, as I discovered when we all shared photos of our backpacks with each other, ready much earlier than I would have expected… Maps in hand, and trails awaiting, I am now simply looking forward to enjoying the week ahead, and giving you all a glimpse of the Vayots Dzor hiking trails.

Ah, one thing we forgot to mention when we launched, the map can also be purchased by credit card: it might look like it’s PayPal only, but you have the option to use your card too. So if you want a copy, pre-order at a special 25% discount before the end of July, and we’ll get it shipped it to you from mid-August.

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