Syunik Legends Trail – Hiking Topo Guidebook, Armenia


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Comprehensive guidebook authored by Tom Allen, with 1:25,000 topographic maps to navigate the long-distance Legends Trail. Includes detailed descriptions of each trail section, points of interest, and services along the route. Featuring ancient monasteries, dramatic gorges, and alpine peaks, this book will guide you through some of the richest cultural and natural landscapes Armenia has to offer.

A land of rugged mountains, old-growth forests and ancient monasteries, the historic kingdom of Syunik is today among the least-visited regions of Armenia and the South Caucasus. Historically known as Zangezur, its role as a major junction on the Silk Road – a network of medieval trading routes connecting Europe and Asia – gave rise to a network of ancient footpaths connecting fortresses, caravanserais and villages. Long forgotten and fallen out of use, only now have these historic trails been rediscovered and brought back to life for the benefit of local people and intrepid travellers alike.

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