An incomplete collection of our cartographic work. Besides making our own maps we also do freelance work. Contact us ( if you are interested in working together.

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Trailhead Map 1:8,000 (excerpt)

Trailhead Map 1:20,000

Trailhead map 1:20,000 (excerpt)

Trailhead map 1:50,000 (excerpt)

Overview map of a trailhead map

Trailhead map 1:20,000 (excerpt)

Topographic Hiking Map 1:25,000

Our flagship product line. We collect almost all the map data ourselves from various sources, ranging from historic soviet maps to drone imagery. For each map it takes about 1 year to research, collect, validate the data & design the map.

Topographic hiking map 1:25,000 (excerpt)

Classic explorer map (excerpt)

Classic explorer map, TCT Armenia

Classic explorer map (excerpt)

Bahnhof Südkreuz

TCT Streams Map

Soviet topo map with shaded relief

I also jumped on the bandwagon of adding shaded relief to a historic map. The map is part of the famous Soviet topographic atlas. The sheet shows Dilijan National Park, our first topographic map

Poster of Armenia

Poster of Armenia (excerpt)

Wikipedia Map: TCT Extent 2022

Bathymetry Poster of Lake Sevan

Wikipedia Map: TCT Extent 2022 (excerpt)


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