So where is this Gomk village anyway?

Our new map covers an interesting section of the Vayots Dzor province, in central Armenia, where in the past couple of years a lot of work has been carried out to turn these mountains and valleys into an accessible new hiking destination.

When we say this is a “new” … well, let’s just say it is new to us: in fact, ancient trails were re-discovered, as well as old sections of the Silk Road, and everything was brought back to life to make sure hikers could have a safe and enjoyable experience through this wonderful section of Armenia.

Before we take you there, do you want a visual taste of what that’s like? Here, our friends at @HIKEArmenia put together this great video, the second part of which is all about Vayots Dzor. If you have some time, the first part covers the familiar area of Dilijan National Park,  which makes for a nice comparison.


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