The time we’ve been all waiting for has arrived: the Dilijan maps are out and on route to you! 

Yesterday the first 13 maps had been hand-delivered to the Yerevan backers, and I now have some left to carry around these days to serve a few more. It was truly nice meeting old friends and new people alike.

As I went out again this morning, the gears are also spinning, on a different scale, up in Berlin. For you backers, unless you’ve asked us not to, we decided to add the label. So here is what Simon’s day, and living room, looked like:

After this monumental effort of precision and consistency, they had been sent out for you people across the world, between yesterday and today, so watch your mail!

A couple of special ones went out on Friday, because people are actually going to hike the trail In April and were a little in a rush… now that’s the kind of rush we like. Good luck Lieve!


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