Alright, so first of all thanks to all of you who engaged with the last update!

Showing support as you usually do, but also providing a relaxing laugh (Ian, Haig, I am looking at you) or giving us a new way of looking at it: yeah, it would add character to the map, and/or instantly turn it into a collectible, so thanks Hannah, Francis and Rosemary for pointing those out.

So this is what we’ll do:

  1. To whoever expressed a direct preference, we’ll follow your request;
  2. For the ones of you who won’t get back to us by March 25, end of the day, with their choice, we are going to make our own, based on our best judgement.

So far, the majority of the people who replied, preferred to have it labelled, just so you know…

Thanks again!


PS: we’ve been told that some of you found the PDF map of Dilijan Town in the spam folder — booo! Just in case you are still expecting it, please take a look there, it might have happened to you as we sent them all out already!

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