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Great news if you’re planning to hike the Transcaucasian Trail loop in Dilijan National Park this summer – the first batch of Cartisan’s new hiking maps have just arrived from the printer and will be shipping in the next couple of weeks!

To be more precise, they’ve arrived at Cartisan co-founder Simon’s place in Berlin, Germany, where they’re currently occupying a fairly unreasonable amount of space in his flat.

That’s because Cartisan is not a big publishing outfit but a tiny grassroots startup, founded by Simon along with former Transcaucasian Expedition mapping expert Alessandro, and born out of a (some might say unhealthy) obsession with maps, cartography, GIS, and the open source software movement – plus, of course, personal connections to the area through their work on the Transcaucasian Trail.

Simon now has the unenviable task of packing and shipping maps to all of the international backers of last year’s highly successful crowdfunding campaign, of which we have been avid supporters and promoters.

If you’re among them, we are told you can expect your map in the mail by the end of March (international postage times permitting)!

And if you didn’t claim a copy by backing the campaign, fear not! Copies will be available locally, both at the HIKEArmenia resource center in Yerevan and at the new tourist information center in Dilijan.

All you need to do to buy one is get yourself to Armenia…

If you have any questions about the map, or about the crowdfunding campaign that made it possible, you can reach Simon and Alessandro directly via their website

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