Here we are, you made this possible, and you even went beyond what we were asking… thank you all so very much!

The map we’ve been working on for so long will finally be forced out of our hands and will land into your ones – I can almost hear some sighs of relief.

I say forced because, although I somehow couldn’t help but wanting to make this map, to then offer your creation to others is always a different kind challenge. I am not sure if Simon feels the same, but I guess it must be …normal? It is so comforting to hold on to it, making just one little justified change before it’s ready… but finally, we committed and cannot go back.

And this commitment was the hardest thing of all, for me at least: actually asking you – out there – to trust us and investing into our project, with only a promise that we’ll be able to deliver was a bit scary. Well, your answer was loud and clear. And now it’s up to us.

We need to bring it all together, make a decision about those trail colours already, put the necessary finishing touches, send it off to the printer rushing to our self-imposed deadline. And then wait until they will return next year. Christmas is coming later this season for me.

What will happen then will be up to you: will they become souvenirs? A tempting reminder of a future trip that wants you to plan it? A travelling companion?

Whatever the case, I cannot begin to explain how satisfying it is when a bunch of free flowing ideas finally condense to become a real thing. Already when we see people walking on the newly opened TCT, it feels great to know that you played a small part in making that possible. With those numbers growing, I now wonder… how would it feel to see one of you with your new map on the trail? Will I manage not to bother you by wanting to tell you all about this story?

I’ll try to leave you alone, enjoying the trails, I promise.

Thank you again, it’s been a very interesting experiment, I am glad it went more than well so far. Now back to work.


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