Hello generous people,

I just realised that I did most of my updates on Facebook so far, sharing them through our new page here. The least I could do is letting you know about it, as we just published it earlier this week, so it’s unlikely you bumped into it. It wouldn’t hurt to build it up a little anyway, so shall we keep in touch there too?

About the campaign, you probably already know that we are almost half way through. It is pretty exciting to see so much interest early on, and the temptation to think ahead is strong; but I am also aware that 50% also means there is another half to cover before we can celebrate. We have time, but we better keep working…

Anyway, I  decided to write here also to make a little announcement: I’d really like to explain you more about why we decided to create a perk to sponsor students to learn how to map using OpenStreetMap, so from tomorrow I’ll try to articulate it and put out a post about it when ready.

It has to do with giving back to the open mapping community, but also with rekindling the memories of the most rewarding experience I had since I moved to Armenia, from Italy, eight years ago: teaching a slightly unconventional series of workshops to very eager kids…

More on this later, good night for now.


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