Yes, 22% in the first 24 hours.

I must admit this went beyond my most optimistic expectations. When I saw we were about 10% at lunchtime, I was thinking that perhaps we’re going to make it to 15% by night… Well, you had other plans. In any case, it’s been a fun ride, and a good day one of the campaign.

Thank you, really, thank you for choosing to back our project at the most important time. It is truly appreciated by all of us in the team.

Now that you are committed to make this map happen, and since it is an all-or-nothing campaign, there is something simple you could still do to help us all further:

May I ask you to share the campaign with your friends, families, and whoever you think would be interested in hiking, Armenia, hiking in Armenia, travelling, and all things maps?

Your help and timing so far have been amazing. We still have some ground to cover… so thank you for carrying us forward.

Thank you again,


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